Quality comes first. We took our time to plan out everything and build our production pipeline for a №1 AI crypto tool.

- Hunting the best AI & Web3 devs

- Creating 120+ metrics and analysis ideas.

- Belief in success and a lot of experience in defi.


Final preparation of smart contracts and our products. Start of activity in social networks.

- Release website and socials

- Development of JarvisAI app & collect data.

- Docs, development progress content.

Token launch

The beginning of a great journey. Launching $JAI token. Extra - price floor always increase, Innovative auto-lp.

- CMC/CG/DEXT fast track. Top influencers.

- Uniswap v2. Liq lock 1 year

- Community activities & huge marketing push

App launch

Identify possible success stories, detect patterns, track trends, and avoiding, so you can be confident in your investments.

- JarvisAI v1 APP

- Awesome UI & core AI functional

- $JAI growth & access for hodlers


Improving our database and expanding the data points that drive NLP algorithms to improve our platform's accuracy, efficiency, and speed.

- Multiple chains, one app

- Expanding customization options

- Developing an search AI-assisted

Final product

JarvisAI is revolutionizing the way investors evaluate new tokens and explore their growth potential.

- №1 tool for analyze & search tokens

- $JAI in TOP10 CEX.

- Best & professional community

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